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Sarah Cave

Sarah Received a BFA in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, and an MA in Industrial Design from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy.  Throughout both programs she focused on sculpture, furniture design and installations.  After Domus, Sarah remained in Milan for five years designing window displays for fashion label Moschino under Joann Tan, on of the world's top window designers.  

Upon relocating to New York City, Sarah spent three years on staff at Martha Stewart Living as a Senior Style Editor.  She began her freelance career in 2008. 

Sarah brings fifteen years of fine art, design and styling experience to set every day.  She speaks Italian fluently, French decently and remembers some Portuguese from a childhood abroad.  Other skills include book suggestions, reading while walking, meeting people's pets and cutting out intricate shapes with an x-acto knife!  She'll work in whatever color palette a job requires but has a ridiculous soft spot for grays!

Clients include: Smirnoff, Godiva, Juliska, Macy's, Wish-Bone, Shape Magazine, P.F. Changs, Readers Digest, Bath and Body Works, Martha Stewart Living, Keurig, and  Food and Wine